Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

i hope everyone has a happy holiday!  i'll end the year with recap posts and be back with regular posting at the beginning of the year.  thanks to all of my friends, family, and readers!  i have had so much fun with peppermags this year.

Artist: Recap round (four)!

(top left) tara donovan
(top right) ben butler
(bottom left) mitsuro koga
(bottom right)
kathryn hinton

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finish: Recap round (three)!

(top left) dwell drapery
(top right) vitra algues
(bottom left) concrete curtain
(bottom right) solar blinds

Interior: Danish Modern living

i have a weak spot for danish design. i used to work for a furniture company that sold danish furniture and the danes would come over and visit a few times a year. i loved hearing about denmark, their thoughts on american designers and got made fun of by pronouncing arne jacobsen's name "the american way". i found this beautiful interior from bolig magasinet. i don't speak danish but think the home belongs a young artist couple that has a pottery company. see the article and the rest of the photos here.

Interiors: Recap Round (three)!

peppermag's best of beautiful and fun public interiors.

(top left) st. barts
(top middle) hotel home
(top right) drain pipes
(bottom left) hotel fox
(bottom middle) falling garden
(bottom right)
villa in positano

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lighting: Magdalena from Terzani

my husband sent me a photo of this light from his iphone the other day and in the body of the email it simply stated "i want this light! it looks like the deathstar." so, of course, i email the lighting rep, find out what it is and the pricepoint. i wrote back "it's the magdalena from terzani and is $2,500. sorry." ha. we can both dream though...right? i love the way the light reflects a labrynth. it comes in white, tin and gold plated.
oh, and i love the red cord too.

Lighting: Recap Round (three)!

(top left) panton
(top middle) big bang
(top right) fieltebek
(bottom left) mama cloud
(bottom middle) 02
(bottom right) tide

Furniture: Wrongwoods Chest of Drawers

this chest of drawers by wrongwoods makes me so happy. it feels like a backdrop from a cartoon from the 70's has come to life! i want one in each color. his and hers?

(via moss)

Furniture: Recap round (three)!

tables! i love tables. here are some favorites that have been blogged here on peppermags. the links below will take you to the original posts!

(top left) cross extension table
(top right) nightstand

(middle left) cherner dining

(middle right) coffee table

(bottom) folding table

Friday, December 19, 2008

DIY: Polaroid Display

i love polaroids. being married to a photographer makes me appreciate having them around even more. how do you display yours? here are some fun diy display options. love the heart!

DIY: Recap round (three)!

(top right) platform bed
(bottom left) periodal table
(bottom right) floating shelf

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Artist: Ashley G

A Look Only You Would Understand

ashley g is a super talented artist that i discovered on etsy last year. i know most blog readers have probably heard of her, but i wanted to share in case some of my readers had not seen her work before. here are 3 of my favorite ashley g works that i think i need in my house. hint hint

For the Birds (LARGE)

HELLO September

Artist: Recap round (two)!

i've had so much fun finding artists to blog. here are a few that use mixed mediums and interesting materials to create. love! click the links below to take you to the original posts and find out more!

(top left) vivienne strauss
(top middle) walt creel
(top right) rania hassan
(bottom left) bombo
(bottom middle) diem chau
(bottom right) john clark

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Accessory: Salt and Pepper shakers from Jonathan Adler

i love jonathan adler's work! my favorite piece is his aorta in porcelain that i posted here. but, these sweet little bird salt and pepper shakers are so adorable! i want a set!

Accessory: Recap round (two)!

(top right) orla kiley mug
(2nd left) log bowl
(2nd right) tabletop fire
(bottom left) pedlar's kitchen

Architecture: Bahnof Office

this has got to be one of the coolest offices i have ever seen! the bahnhof office, designed by Albert France-Lanord Architects, is located 30 meters under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg in Stockholm. it makes me think super hero office. batman cave? beautiful.

(via mystic hackers)

Architecture: Recap round (two)!

green design is on the minds of everyone and in the designs of these architects. from treehouses, to shipping containers to houseboats, we have it all below. click on the links to take you to the original posts.

(top left) houseboat
(top right) mullen house
(2nd left) ijburg house
(2nd right) treehouse
(bottom left) eye pod
(bottom right) harmonia 57

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finish: Modern table runner

i am sad to say that i do not own a dining table. it is something that i am willing to not have and wait until the right piece comes to me. my husband and i have moved 4 times in 7 years and in each move we purge...a lot. when we moved to the loft we slept on a mattress on the floor for months because we hated our bed and didn't want to take it with us. well, now in the house, we have no dining table because of this same thought process. i do look quite frequently and like to think about what table runner i would like to have on my pretend table. i think one of these three will work! definitely!

modern-twist table runner

selina rose felt runner

Finish: Recap round (two)!

i spend quite a bit of time finding the right finishes for walls. most of the time, because of budget restraints, i am forced to use paint but, i would love to use any of the following wall finishes instead!

(top right) flocked wallpaper
(bottom left) studio nommo
(bottom right) wovin wall

Interior: Absolute Zero Degrees

the home/work space for absolute zero degrees is one of my favorite interiors so far. i love the simplicity, colors, furnishings, patterns, and art. i could easily live here and not change a single thing. i already have that bedroom suite! check out the original post at d*s here.

these stools are so sweet!

isn't this green fun? yum on the chairs too.

LOVE the furniture and wallpaper!
look at those fun sconces over the bed and the art is so sweet.
wallpaper! sweet little ceramic pieces too!

check out that insane soffit. i love it! more fun wallpaper!