Friday, May 29, 2009

Have a good weekend & week recap!

pepper place farmers market by southernpixel

hope you all have a nice weekend. the weather is supposed to be lovely here so i'm thinking of gardening and hitting one or both of my favorite farmers markets in the morning.

Here are the highlights of the week in case you missed anything!
Furniture: Tumble chair
Lighting: Aero
Interior: Modern Library
Finish: ModRocks
Architecture: Ben Rose House
Accessory: DWR kitchen
Artist: James Roper
Green Content: TOMS shoes

Thanks again to Re-Nest for posting my interfaceFLOR mill tour video Tuesday!

Etsy Lunch Hour: Brave Moon Man Pouches

Wool Felt Special Edition Mixtape Pouch - I Love You

i've been on a video game playing, rock music listening, star wars watching, bass playing, nerd-a-thon lately and i like it. this is my second nintendo reference this week! i've been a fan of bravemoonman for a while now and just love these pouches. aren't they adorable?!

DIY: Fused Plastic Bag Laptop Case

i love threadbanger! watch the video to see how to make a fused plastic bag laptop cool. check out their site here for other awesome diy project videos!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green Content: TOMS Shoes


TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about.

check out TOMS website here to shop and click here to find out more about the TOMS movement.

Sneak Peak: Bamboo in the Garden

there is a great bamboo forest up the street from our house. my husband grabbed a few stalks to use as a climbing trellis for our beans in the garden. he sent me this picture a few minutes ago to show the progress. i'll post better pictures soon after this month long rain ceases this weekend and things start to look prettier.

Etsy Lunch Hour: Planters

Reclaimed Hardwood Desk Planter

love these planters from ErdeDesigns's etsy shop.

Artist: James Roper

the ecstasy of jenna jameson II

i love these mixed media works by james roper. so so beautiful. (via notcot)

the ecstasy of sophia rossi and the ecstasy of catalina cruz

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Accessory: DWR Kitchen

water pitcher

here are a few kitchen accessories that i want from dwr.

Etsy Lunch Hour: Digital Soaps

Nintendo Wiimote Wii remote replica soap

cutest soaps ever from digitalsoaps etsy shop!

NES Nintendo controller soap, Mountain Dew scented, vegan

Architecture: Ben Rose House

you probably are thinking, "i've seen that house somewhere before".  aren't you?  i'll give you a hint...cameron's dad's ferrari.  you guessed it.  the awesome modern house from ferris bueller's day off.  well, the "ben rose house" is for sale guys.  for 2.3 million and a move to chicago it's yours.  can i come visit if you buy it?  please?  i'll blog about it! (via reddit via thenewsjunkie)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

peppermags on re-nest!

i heart apartment therapy. today, AT's green home division, re-nest ,reposted my interfaceFLOR mill tour video i did for peppermags! check it out here and comment! i'm so excited!

Finish: ModRocks

ModRocks are 100% recycled clear glass pebble tile. check out the different installations available from the same product. eco-friendly, good looking, and modern...triple threat!
Consumer bottles are crushed into small pieces, tumbled and then mesh mounted onto 12" by 12" interlocking sheets. Average sheet thickness and individual chip size is approximately 1cm or 3/8" each. These are 100% recycled glass, and since there is no melting involved, very little energy is used in the production process. (via modwalls)

Etsy Lunch Hour: Sprucehome

i happened upon sprucehome's etsy shop today and fell in love. i really really want the french skull sofa (above)! the red luxe pillows (below) are really sweet too. check out the rest of their shop here to find your favorites!

Green Design: Pizza Box of the future

i'm constantly thinking of inventions and have a handful that i dream about creating. this one caught me by surprise and am so jealous that i didn't think of it!

(via asylum for all mankind)

Interior: Modern Library

i love the interior of this home...especially the library. it's so bright and clean and beautiful. designed by phillipe steubi architeken.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lighting: Aero

how amazing is this aero lamp for louis poulsen?  chic, modern, and absolutely gorgeous. check out the article here at design & inredningsbloggen to find out more about it. 

Furniture: Tumble

i love the tumble chair.  you can flip it and sit on it in any direction. so fun.
(via swissmiss)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Etsy Lunch Hour: Spout Sets

Spout Cream and Sugar set

i really love paigerussell's etsy shop. these spout sets are the sweetest!

Spout Tea set with your choice of cozy

DIY: Picnic Blanket

it is perfect picnic season here.  i love this diy for a perfect picnic blanket.  one side is vinyl to keep moisture from seeping through and the other side is plush to lay on.  check out the post here on design*sponge for step by step instructions with pictures.  this is on my to make list!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recycled Content: Seatbelt Hammock

the ting sling,a hammock made from recycled seatbelts, is such an awesome idea. i'm mentally going through the landscape of the yard to figure out where i can put one. love! (via re-nest)

Artist: Warhol paints Debbie Harry

i love me some Andy Warhol and Debbie Harry. check out this great video i found on reddit yesterday. Warhol paints Debbie Harry on an Amiga at the Commodore Amiga product launch press conference in 1985. we've come a long way.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright meets Lego

yes, lego announced they are coming out with a frank lloyd wright series. the first two structures will be the guggenheim and falling water. badass! (via boing boing)

Finish: Lizzie Allen Wallpaper

i saw lizzie allen's amazing wallpaper on apartment therapy yesterday and knew i needed to pass the word on. amazing hand screen printed wallpaper! click here to take you to the AT article and see more pics or here to go to lizzie's site.

Etsy Lunch Hour: Coffee Cozy

my "i am not a paper cup" porcelain to go cup is naked without a cute cozy. i'm a cozy freak when it comes to cans and bottles, but i don't have a good one for my coffee. i've been using a recycled cardboard cozy from starbucks, but it doesn't fit snuggly. help me pick one out. here are some of my favorites from etsy.

Architecture: Casagrande Chen house

i love this house designed by Marco Casagrande and Frank Chen. it's pretty fabulous, right?!