Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finish: 70f Carpet

love this rug crafted from black climbers rope, designed by carina nilsson and produced by 70f architecture.

Interior: KRE House

have a car you want to show off in the middle of your home?  check out this amazing interior in tokyo by takuya tsuchida that does just that.  (via thedesignblog)
(images koichi torimura)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Artist: Paul Octavious

up/paul octavious

i really love these works by paul octavious.  you can buy one here.  (via society6)

cloud collector/paul octavious

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Etsy Lunch Hour: Plush Goodies!


Architecture: Porciuncula de la Milagrosa Chapel

porciuncula de la milagrosa chapel by daniel bonilla architects.  the chapel opens and closes to allow for different functions, accomidate large crowds or small intimate groups, and is set beautifully in the bogota, columbia country side.  (via contemporist)

(images:  Alberto Fonseca & Natalia Borda)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finish: Stucco Risers

when we moved into the house two years ago the front steps were a terracotta colored tile. (above)  over the first winter in the house the tiles started popping off (below)  all of the tiles on the top and bottom steps were completely loose and falling off which does a lot of damage to the appearance of the house.  note to my readers:  if you do use a tile outside, make sure it is my climate we cannot use ceramic outside because we are in a freeze/thaw zone.  also, make sure you use the correct thin set for the setting...something rated for exterior.  our previous homeowners did neither.

i had the brilliant idea of just using stucco on the risers since the rest of the house is stucco.  i didn't worry about getting it completely even either since the rest of the house has a lot of movement in the stucco.  we repainted the treads and risers with an exterior porch paint and voila!

Etsy Lunch Hour: Lovely Neutrals


Interior: Emily Johnston Anderson

have you ever found a shot of an interior that reminded you of your house but was a hundred times better?  i'm sharing mine with you now.  i find myself looking at these photos from time to time and just get happy.  this is the interior of photographer emily johnston anderson.  her color palette is perfect, furnishings fantastic, and styling impeccable.  (via design*sponge)