Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recycled Content: Rugs

here are a few really cool rugs that are made from recycled materials. (above) a rug made from recycled bicycle inner tubes via plushpod. (below) recycled wrapper rugs via urban outfitters.
(via u.o.)

Movie Trailers

a few upcoming movies that look good...

Inspiration: white kitchen

(via inspiration bubble)

i'm a sucker for white kitchens...what can i say. they are beautiful, right?

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Artist: Takayuki Nakazawa

i love the work of photographer Takayuki Nakazawa.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Accessory: Shower Curtain from U.O.

i really love this shower curtain, designed by david foote, from urban outfitters.

Etsy Lunch Hour: Garlands

Forest Garland by AAliciaAccessories

i love garlands. i made a bunch from fun 50s fabric for my husband's birthday last year and thought they were pretty awesome. these etsy artists have some seriously cool garlands that i'm drooling over.

DE COLORES -XS- Papel Picado (Mexican cut-paper banners) by aymujer

Architecture: Modern Lake House

sorry i'm a little slow today guys...stayed up too late last night eating thai food and going to the movies with my hubby for my birthday. i'm one cup of coffee in and and feeling much more awake. this lake house, designed by Bercy Chen Studio, is so extremely bad ass! look at all of the glass to water seamless transitions and amazing angles. you have to go here to see the rest of the photos on trendir and find out more about this amazing house!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finish: Sunbrella Fabrics at Sina Pearson

veranda stripe

there are some great new sunbrella stripes available through sina pearson textiles. these are all solution dyed fabrics (which means they won't fade) that are soil/stain resistant and can be used outside. outdoor fabric that looks this fabulous is hard to come by. the monaco is my favorite!

monaco stripe

patio stripe

Etsy Lunch Hour: Clothing

these are two of my favorite clothing finds on etsy. off white. modern. beautiful. i've posted this dress below, but i think it's worth a second post.

Ruffle Dress by lizarietz

Welcome to my 30's!

yes, today is my birthday. i turned the big 3-0 today. some people think of turning 30 as a negative thing...getting older...blah blah blah . i think my mom told me she cried for 2 days, but i'm actually excited about it. you know those lists that you make in your head of "what i want to do before i turn 30"? well, i've done a lot to be happy about...
1. i graduated from college. twice! (degree in music and then a degree in interior design)
2. i found the man of my dreams and married him (almost 8 years now!)
3. am the mommy of two adorable little boston terriers (pepper and maggie....hence peppermags)
4. bought a house! a badass little house too i might add!
5. discovered wonderful friends along the way
6. landed my dream job with the most wonderful bosses and co-workers.
7. started my own dream's been a wonderful first year on peppermags
8. got my dream car!

oh, and i almost forgot....look what my hubby got me for my birthday...happy birthday to me! jaguar bass! meow!

Interior: envelope A+D home

i absolutely adore this interior by  envelopeA+D via desire to inspire.  i tagged it "to blog" as soon as i saw the post.  it's absolutely breathtaking.  i seriously want that studio space and isn't that bedroom just perfect?!  ugh.  drool.  click here to see a bunch more photos and get some more info on this awesome home.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Porcelain To Go Cup

i got this porcelain to go cup from urban outfitters this weekend and i'm in love.

Making the ordinary extraordinary, the To Go Cup, designed by James Burgess, is a clever and Earth-friendly play on the disposable paper coffee cup. Dual porcelain walls provide natural insulation, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Tight-fitting silicone lid prevents spills. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Furniture: Hundredstensunits

i love the entire line by hundredstensunits.  so sleek.  so modern. so gorgeous.  click here to see the rest of the line.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Libby's Plant Odyssey

i went to libby's plant odyssey today at lunch to look around. i found so many fantastic flowers and vegetables that i want! i'm officially planting the garden this weekend. after weeks of tilling and sifting out rocks and weeding. oh my! i can't wait. i might have to get a few things from plant odyssey after work.

DIY: Bicycle Frame Lunch Bag

i love this idea. a diy bicycle frame lunch bag...for those of you that commute by bike to school/work. or those of you that want to bike to a picnic spot. i would have loved one of these when i was a kid. i rode my bike over a mile to school (on sidewalks with the other kids in the neighborhood). it was a blast. we were free. click here for the step by step directions via evil mad scientist laboratories.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recycled Content: Drinking Glasses

we got some new drinking glasses a few weeks ago and i absoultely love them. they are from anchor hocking's ecoglass line and made from a minimum of 35% recycled or reclaimed glass and are available at wal-mart. yes, i said wal-mart.

Etsy Lunch Hour: Recipe Cards

OWL RECIPE CARDS set of 10, with grocery shopping list, original bird illustrations by boygirlparty

i find myself saving recipe cards to my favorites on etsy. a few weeks ago i posted these sweet recipe cards by 1canoe2. there are so many sweet designs to document your favorite recipes and these are just two of my favorites!

This doesn't taste like crap - recipe cards set of 10 by notmoira

Botanical Gardens Plant Sale!

the birmingham botanical gardens had their annual plant sale last weekend. i went and spent way more money that i should have on some yummy herbs and vegetables. i saw bushes and flowers that i had never seen before. they also had tons of hybrids and varieties of veggies. it took place in an abandoned bruno's building. you can see how huge it was. that's only about a third of the building below too! i can't wait to plant all my goodies this weekend. the garden is calling.

Artist: Paul Davies

i love these modernist house paintings by Paul Davies. perfect colors and wonderful textures. click here to find out more about Paul's work and upcoming events. (via insideout/notcot)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Accessory: Fun Wall Hooks

Twig Hooks by Live Wire Farm

i love fun wall hooks and am in dire need of some around my house. here are just a few of my favorites. eventually i would love to have an eames hang it all. yes, i want one badly.

Erich Ginder Ghost Antler coat rack

branch hooks and dart hooks