Friday, July 18, 2008

DIY: Rain Barrel

I think being more environmentally friendly has been on everyone's minds the last few years. The surge in "green" products, hybrid cars, LEED certification, recycling and global warming are just a few headliners that I see daily. A rain barrel system is a great way to collect rain water to use in your garden, help cut down on water bills, and do your little part to help. My husband wants to build me one, so I found this little tutorial online that I'd like to share. Read the article here for all of the steps. It's too long to post the entire thing, so I'll just highlight it for you.

Materials needed:
55 gallon barrel
hole saw or paddle drill bit

½ PVC parts (Used for overflow vent)
1 - Male Threaded Connector
2 - 900 Elbows
4' of pipe
1" PVC parts:
1 - Male Threaded Connector
1 - 900 Elbow
1 - 3-Way ‘T’
1 - Ball Valve (threaded) (*per barrel system)
3' Pipe
3" PVC parts (*per barrel system)
2 - 450 Elbows
3' of pipe
1 Down Spout to Drain Pipe Connector
Other supplies:
Clear PVC Glue
Pack of 100 Grit Sandpaper
Tube of Silicone Glue
1" Brass Hose Connecter

Here are what the barrels look like before...

After you prime/paint the barrels...

with a little help from the good ole' PVC, hook it up to your drain

build a little platform with a spout for them to sit on so gravity works in your favor...


  1. do it!! i am pretty sure that coca-cola has a program to give away their used syrup barrels for use as rain barrels. you should check it out!

  2. Great Idea, love it.
    I did not have a barrel available so I purchased a simple rain diverter and when it rains I just collect it into a bucket.

    I like this product so much, here is the link to it

    Keep on saving the environment one at a time!