Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hotel Fox!

This is my very favorite hotel...the Hotel Fox in Denmark! Each room is specially designed by a different artist. Here are just a few of my favorite rooms!

312. Yume
"Imagining dreams. Chisato’s inspiration came from her homeland of Hokkaido in the north of Japan: “There is a lot of nature and countryside there. There are four distinct seasons to the year and there is a lot of snow in winter. – ‘Yume’ means dream in Japanese. I hope that you dream your own story when you sleep in this room, inspired by the wallpaper that I drew. Have a wonderful dream.”

317. Monday
"Idea, colour and space. Kim’s rooms for Hotel FOX are his first venture into interiors: “I wanted to try and make psychological rooms as much as physical ones. To make rooms as stage sets. To make rooms that I hadn't seen before”. Hiorth√ły hopes that guests will respond to his rooms either with irritation or enthusiasm; “both are good”, he says: “Welcome. Please be quiet when entering. Don't spill.”

121. Sleep Seasons
"Safe comfort. Each of Rinzen’s rooms has its own concept: “The Sleep Season room was inspired by the desire to hibernate (really!). It creates a cosy nook filled with animals sleeping through the seasons of the year. As the year passes, the animals sleep, blissfully unaware of their surroundings. A family of bears huddle around a winter tree, while a gorilla dreams in the freshness of spring. Out to sea, gigantic whales bask on summer waves and the autumn winds play havoc with hedgehogs and owls.”

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