Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interior: Inspace MC Motors

I am stealing this post straight up from my girl Monica at of paper and things. I so loved this interior from Inspace's MC Motors location that I thought I would share if anyone missed it!

I love the unfinished look to the walls, peeling paint, exposed plaster in the brick...oh, and the skylight is fantastic. It makes me think of the loft I used to live in. When my father in law came by to see it he looked around, nodded and said it would be really nice when it was finished. My husband and I just smiled and said "it is finished". We still giggle about that. So sweet!

a swing? yes!

another swing?! I really love the storage below as well!

inspace is a london-based photography location firm with a vast array of exclusive, unique spaces. i absolutely love the mc motors site.


  1. i think this would be a fab studio, don't you? or a party space! either - i love it!

  2. yes, either would be insanely cool!