Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finish: Interior Moss Wall

(via wemadethis)
i love bringing the outdoors indoors. doesn't this bedroom look inviting with live reindeer moss on the wall behind the bed? also, the moss room restaurant below has an entire wall of moss for their diners to enjoy as they walk down the entry stairway. what do you guys think?
(via metropolis)

Etsy Lunch Hour: Necklace

Bronze Raven Skull Pendant Necklace Bird Head by mrd74

here are a few etsy necklaces that i've been loving on lately. i want them both! a lot.
24 inch copper chain and big jump ring for book necklace UPGRADE by TheBlackSpotBooks

The Bright Side Project

do you like giveaways? i LOVE giveaways...especially nowadays! the bright side project is an amazing site that gives away products by amazing artists. all you have to do is go here and comment under the artist you want to win from. check it out. it is a great way to find new artists and hopefully one of you luckies will win!

Interior: Kimball Office Atlanta

the kimball office showroom in atlanta was pretty fantastic. i love the 3form wovin wall behind the receptionist and all of the white with dark wood and pops of color. the lighting was perfect to display all of their awesome product too. very cool showroom. check out the rest of kimball office furnishings here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lighting: Illuminated Moon

i want this illuminated remote control moon from urban outfitters.  how fun would this be?  i think it would be really sweet for a child's bedroom too. maybe paired with those glow in the dark star stickers? 

Etsy Lunch Hour: Birdhouse

Mushroom shaped ceramic pottery bird house by mudpuppy

i love these sweet little birdhouses on etsy! would you like a mushroom or an acorn? i think i need one for my house!

Ceramic Stoneware Bird House--Acorn design for wrens by Birdartist

Furniture: Knoll Atlanta Showroom

i had a great time friday at the atlanta knoll showroom! i got to see some of my favorite pieces of mid century modern furniture mixed with a few new favorites. the knoll crew was most hospitable by giving us a ceu credit course on design in the workplace, feeding us well, liquoring us up and then putting us up in a super fantastic hotel. the womb chair above is my absolute dream chair. i want it in red! check out a few pics i snapped of some fun furniture while touring the showroom! how cute is that baby diamond chair?! i almost cried when i saw it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Etsy Lunch Hour: Knoll

i should be at knoll by now checking out chairs like these which annacote so beautifully screenprinted.  (i set up this post last night)  i have a pair of diamond chairs (above) that my husband found at the thrift store almost 8 years ago.  we paid $1.98 each for them.  later he found an ottoman to go with them at an antique store.  below is the barcelona chair that i adore.  i have the barcelona day bed that we also got at an antique store for not much money either.  the diamond chairs are definitely my favorite thrift store knoll find, but my vintage knoll credenza is my favorite yard sale knoll find.  6 foot knoll credenza with sliding doors, leather pulls and in great condition for $40!  i still can't believe it.  oh, knoll...you are my friend!

DIY: Patchwork Pet Bed

we broke down my youngest pup's crate last weekend and i've been thinking of making my girls their own beds. they tend to be pretty destructive with their beds or anything fluffy, but i still want to try.  i love this diy patchwork pet bed that apartment therapy posted yesterday.  super cute!  click here for the step by step instructions.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Atlanta Knoll Showroom Tour!

i'm going here tomorrow!

oh, and on my way there, i'm stopping by here and back to here again. i am also staying at this fancy, fantastic hotel in buckhead. don't worry...i will take lots of pictures again. i'm so excited to hit my two favorite modern furniture lines within two months it isn't even funny!

Recycled Content: Car Hood Bandshell

what would you do if you had a bunch of old car hoods laying around? i'd like to replicate this bandshell by ReBAR if it were me.
It is a temporary music venue to "create a space for non-amplified, acoustic neighborhood performances" and "demonstrate through creative reuse of materials that a beautiful structure can be built from material that would otherwise have been thrown away, raising collective awareness of our impact on the environment."
(via treehugger)

New at Urban Outfitters!

normally i would have waited until monday to post these new lights from urban outfitters, but i am thinking of them not only as a light, but as art. how awesome are these? I seriously love the "&"! i think it would be so sweet to have one of these as ambient light in any room of the house or it would be awesome to have a mural on a wall with these incorporated into the design.

Artist: India Richer


india richer, jacksonswift on etsy, is one of my favorite artists.
check out india's etsy shop here and website here.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Accessory: GroBal

do you have a problem with watering your plants? how about a super cute self watering pot? GroBal, available at velocity art and design, is your man then! look at all of the fun colors it comes in too. oh, i want one of each!

Etsy Lunch Hour: Cats

lush life cat with bird print by matteart

i don't have a cat, but there is a sweet little black kitty that i have named "ninja" that hangs out at our house and likes to taunt my dogs. she's the sweetest and i think she comes by our house just to get some attention. i absolutely adore all of these sweet kitty finds off of etsy!

Caramel Vintage Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed - Blue Houndstooth by vintagerenaissance

Ginger Tabby Cat by Marjji

Architecture: Shell House

i'm so drooling over this amazing structure by ARTechnic architects.  you can find this beautiful home out in the middle of the woods in nagano, japan.  i think i have a thing for japanese modern architecture.  i've posted a few japanese cabins over the last year.  isn't this amazing though?  check out the article here at archdaily for tons of great photos and a full story on this shell house.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finish: Reclaimed Wood Floors

i love the look of these reclaimed wood floors. not only is it awesome that they are recycled, but i like how something so old can look so new. save some trees and reclaim some wood flooring.
(via alternative consumer)

Etsy Lunch Hour: Vintage Fabric Coasters

i've posted these recycled vintage fabric coasters before, but i think they are awesome enough for a second post. pick which fabric you like the best and rikrak on etsy will make you a set of 4 for $14. i'm kind of partial to 2 and 12. which is your favorite?

Windowboxes Purple or White?

it's almost time to replant my window boxes. last year i had purple petunias. although they were a pain to keep alive in our 100 degree summers, they were beautiful and can take the western exposure like a champ. i'm thinking about doing the purple petunias again, but i'm also torn after i saw some really pretty white ones too. check out my horrible photoshop attempt at showing the two options. what do you think? purple? white? purple and white? another type flower all together? oh, and there's a large white dogwood in my front yard if this helps with the imagery.

Interior: Bermondsey Square

this goes to show you that lighting is key to achieve a good interior.  i adore the lighting that accentuates the horizontal lines in this space. it's absolutely perfect!  check out the original post here for more photos and information.

Mindseye Lighting Design has sent us photos of the reception area of an apartment block within the recently completed Bermondsey Square regeneration project in London. (via contemporist)