Thursday, July 31, 2008

Etsy "late" lunch hour series: Zinnias

Since moving into the new house and discovering what it is like to have a yard, I have really enjoyed having flowers and a garden. My favorite flowers I have planted so far are my zinnias. They are so colorful and leafy and pretty modern looking flowers to me. Here are some awesome zinnias from etsy.

Zinnia 8x8 Recycled Collage Print by artandphilanthropy

Zinnia Necklace by brightonmoon

Smell the Flowers Ring ... Raspberry by puffluna

Zinnia Flower - Original Ink Drawing Trapezoid Shaped Card by TrapezoidArt

Artist: John Clark

I really love these prints by johnclark on etsy. Each print has a small caption in the text that encompasses the emotion. The women really speak to me and I like to imagine that these images were taken from some boyfriend's private collection. My favorite is below "Something is going to happen".

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Etsy Lunch Hour: Paper Airplanes

Let The Words Flow by teaforbini

Paper airplane sterling silver necklace by finchmetal

Paper Plane Wall Graphics by michellechristina

Par Avion Gocco Art Card by twoguitars

Architecture: Eames Case Study House

Charles and Ray Eames are my absolute favorite designers. This husband and wife team together created beautiful designs and affordable furniture for the masses. Their designs were modern for the time and have become modern classics since. They built this home in 1949 as part of a case study program. This house and their architecture incorporated materials that were traditionally used in commercial buildings which was unique for the time. This process cut down on price and allowed for larger expansion and open spaces. Check out the eames office which is now based in this house for their work and more information.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Accessory: Dishes from Urban Outfitters

Everytime I go to Urban Outfitters I think about mix-matching these dishes to create a cool multi place setting of fun colors. They are so reasonable priced and you usually get a price cut on purchasing multiples.

Etsy Lunch Hour: Sputnik!

Sputnik Chandelier wall graphic by oneupdesignsMid-Century Birds - Limited Edition Series Number 15 by fourcrowsartWhite Sputnik Earrings by gavinandlilySputnik Thank You Cards - Set of 6 by kootiesclosetOribtal Space Satellite Classic 50s Type Wood Pendant Ornament Window Dangle by buildersstudio

Interior: Folded Stair

I love this stair made from perforated steel via exclusively blog.  The transparency and structure are so fragile and delicate.  I love the openness and light that is available in this space because of the stair's material.  Beautiful!

The staircase for the aviary house was designed in one straight run along one side of its length in order to maximize room space since the property was long in depth. In order to bring light to the lower stair level, the upper flight had to be somewhat transparent to the natural daylight allowed in by a skylight up top.
An added design task was created: the stair had tp seemingly float in the space of its bounding walls. The solution was found in perforated steel sheets, cut to width and folded to the dimensions of treads and risers for the provision of structural integrity.
The folded stair was suspended between the stair walls by mild steel pins located at the junctions where each tread met the top of their associated rise

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lighting: Design House Stockholm: Harri Koskinen Block Lamp

I have always loved this sweet little lamp from nova68. It is such a simple and wonderful concept for a lamp and makes me think of what it would look like to freeze a lightbulb in a large ice cube tray. The red cord really makes the light pop as well. I think I need one!

Etsy Lunch Hour: the sweet tooth

I have to go to the dentist this afternoon and am a little scared. My sweet tooth may have finally gotten the best of me. This lunch series is dedicated to the etsy artists that love that cute little tooth! Oh, I wish my sweet tooth still loved me.

sweet silver tooth by chainchainchained

Anatomica Tooth Necklace by paraphernalia

Sweet Tooth Love Note by maydaystudio

The Dream of the Tooth by rocamora

Gold Teeth VEGAN Vinyl Keyring by Majestyinc

Furniture: Bernhardt Loft Shelly Shelly

Bernhardt has some of the most amazing furniture. I tend to look at their website and drool a little and look forward to the day that I can use their product on a job. The Loft chair has such amazing lines and of course the photography does a fantastic job showing you this. Look at the wood details of the seat and the arms. I think I need a few of these to lounge in!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Etsy Lunch Hour: Modern Embroidery

Here's a modern twist on something that has been traditionally....well....traditional. I love all of these modern embroidery finds! It is so fun to see thread used on so many materials!

EMBROIDERED perfect CIRCLE by nectarjewelry

barnacle t-shirt kids by coralandtusk

embroidered polaroid pocket journal by nowvember

Embroidered Windmill Zipper Pouch by elevenonine

Ebony Embroidered Key Holder by systematic

DIY: Concrete Countertops

Have you ever wanted to make your own concrete countertops? I have! The white ceramic tile counters in my kitchen will be one of the first things to go! I found this really handy tutorial from instructables (my favorite diy site). There are 7 main steps. Check out the site for yourself to get more in depth instructions. (there are many!)

Step 1: You will need Good Help/Step 2: Make a template

Step 3: Build the Mold
Step 4: Prepare the Mold for Pour
Step 5: Pour the Concrete/Step 6: Cure and Finish
Step 7: Installation and Final Finish

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Artist: Mareike Auer

Mareike Auer is a new artist at Velocity Art and Design. Mareike studied at the Bauhaus FH Anhalt Dessau and at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and now resides in Austria. I love the simple colors and sweet. The squirrel print is my favorite and reasonably priced at $20.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finish: Paint

Sherwin Williams released their 2009 color forecasting. Here are the blues and purples they have released.

(aqua-sphere, celestial, dignity blue, quench blue)

(plummy, plum dandy, ruby shade, insightful rose)