Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Finish: Flor Outdoor

FLOR is at it again. One of our favorite sustainable designers has expanded its vast product range of modular tiles to include a series of tiles for outdoor use. FLOR outdoor includes three options for injecting a little color and new life into a deck or rooftop patio: "Seeing Spots", (above, left) "the Swiss Cheese of cool rugs", has a fuzzy-smooth touch and the holes aid in draining water away after it rains; "Green Acres", (above, right) FLOR's "modular lawn party", is their version of Astroturf and is "pleasantly scratchy like a stiff lawn." Not pictured is "Cut It Out", a tile similar to Seeing Spots with square (rather than round) cut-outs; both hole-y tiles are available in an orange, dark green and purple and go for $11.99 (for a 19.7" x 19.7" square -- that's $4.46 per sq. ft.). Green Acres, fittingly, only comes in green for $9.99 ($3.71 per sq. ft.). ::FLOR Outdoor via ::Apartment Therapy

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