Friday, February 27, 2009

Anniversary & Weekly Recap!

This coming Tuesday, March 3rd Peppermags turns 1! Holy cow! Check back next week and help celebrate with favorite posts of the year and some fun giveaways! Yes, I said giveaways! Thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing. I hope you have a great weekend too!
In case you missed anything this week read below for the weekly recap.

furniture: ex-libris table
lighting: heavy light
interior: sas hotel
finish: wood rug
architecture: rooftop house
green content: greenbox

DIY: Felted Stone Rug

do you have leftover wool from a project? why not felt it into little stones and make a rug out of it? how cute is this little diy project?!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Green Content: GreenBox

i really want to get this for work. i see more and more reps coming in and bringing us product that will help toward leed points but how awesome would it be to just have everything all together for you already. this would make my job a lot easier! (thanks monica for the link!)

Ecolect has just launched an annual materials subscription service called GreenBox. Released every 3 months, GreenBox contains a sampling of 8-12 cutting-edge green materials complete with clever info tags to keep you informed of all the latest innovations.

Material samples included in the kit have been chosen for their innovative and environmentally-friendly design and building solutions. Perfect for designers, architects, or those just looking to stay informed or plan for a future project, a subscription to GreenBox will provide you with your very own eco-materials library of over 50 different products by year end. (via renest)

Etsy Lunch Hour: Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing in Snow greeting card by scramp22

i was sitting in my sun porch this weekend which over looks my muscadine vines when i noticed there were tons of birds jumping around the branches and eating the berries. i grabbed my binoculars (strategically placed for bird watching) and saw the most beautiful birds that i have ever seen....cedar waxwings. i grabbed my laptop and searched for "red tip wing" birds. they have the sweetest little red tipped wings and yellow tipped tails with a head much like a cardinal except they are more brown with adults having pale yellow bellies. they are now my favorite birds. i read that when they are courting each other they push little gifts back and forth like berries and bugs. sigh. how cute is that?! check out these etsy artists that also love the sweet cedar waxwings.

Cedar Waxwing by SandraHealy

Artist: Gregory Euclide

i love the relief work of gregory euclide. he uses such materials as acrylic, bubble wrap, foam, milkweed, pencil, pine cone, plastic, resin, satin ribbon, styrofoam, wax, and wood to create these beautiful works. fantastic. (via notcot)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Accessory: Riddle Tablecloth

here's a fun idea to liven up the dinner conversation. the take your time tablecloth has over 300 riddles printed on it. the questions and answers to the riddles are mixed and can be read from both ends of the tablecloth. there are also blank spots for your plate. (via cribcandy) answers to riddles are mixed and can be read from both empty spaces that you can put your plate on

Etsy Lunch Hour: Pinhole

i love this little pinhole camera from jaesong on etsy!

Architecture: Rooftop House

this tiny little rooftop home, via pierre-jean verger's site, probably didn't look like much to begin with and from the outside still does not look like it would be amazing inside. i absolutely adore this little abode and think there is something romantic about living on a rooftop in a little cube.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finish: Wood Rug

i love this wood rug from ruckstuhl. it's 90% wood and 10% polyurethane and comes in 5 different wood options and sizes. i love the linear stripes and think this is a great way to add warmth and interest to any room.

Succulent Weekend!

my husband was so sweet and took me out to get a bunch of succulents this weekend. i had two planters that i had been dying to do a little succulent garden in. i think they turned out so pretty! above/below is perle von nurnberg, partridge breast, burrito, key lime pie, crossula perforata variegata, and cocoon plant.

above/below is anacampseros rufescens, fingers jade, cocoon plant, burrito, window haworthia, and medicinal aloe.

oh, and below is string of pearls. love them!

Interior: SAS hotel Copenhagen

i adore the interior of the sas hotel in copenhagen. arne jacobsen is one of my favorite designers. he designed the exterior facade of the hotel and throughout the entire hotel you will find arne's egg and swan chairs. the color palette is phenomenal and it doesn't hurt that i have a weakness for danish modern design.
Room 606 is the only hotel room with the original Arne Jacobsen d├ęcor from July 1960 when the hotel first opened its doors.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lighting: Heavy Lights

i love it when two of my favorite things come together.  in this case it is concrete and pendant lights.  heavy lights, designed by benjamin hubert come in a few greys and two sizes via decode london.  i think they are simple and stunning! (via cribcandy)

Etsy Lunch Hour: Felted Plant Cozies

i love these felted plant cozies and vase from papaververt on etsy!
Hand crocheted with an 85/15 wool/mohair blend, this catch-all/plant cozy was wet felted, dried around a mold to create its shape and then steam blocked. The process of felting causes it to shrink into a tight fabric.Perfect as a catch-all for your knick-knack stash or for holding a 4" potted plant. A shallow plastic liner comes with purchase to catch any drips.

Furniture: Ex-libris table

i thought this ex-libris was such a sweet and clever table. the legs are little bookshelves and when the shelves are full it looks as if the books were holding the table up. available via minottiitalia.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Have a good weekend & week recap!

Flight of the Conchords Ep 8 'Foux Da Fa Fa'
Uploaded by Just1Kiet

i hope you all have a great weekend! i've been laughing all day thinking of the flight of the conchords "sugalumps" song, but thought maybe "foux da fa fa" might be a little more weekend themed. enjoy!

if you missed any of the line up this week check below:

furniture: hans j. wegner shell chair

lighting: eleek lighting

interior: garden museum

finish: cardboard bedding

architecture: reflection of mineral house

accessory: jewelry tree

artist: david cole's knitting machine

green content: moss bath mat

DIY: Nelson Ball Block

you too can make your own nelson ball clock replica.  all you need are lollypops, clock works, and a salt container.  this made me laugh out loud!  check out design without reach for more diy replica projects!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green Content: Living Moss Carpet

what do you guys think about a real living moss carpet for your bath mat? i found this little guy on inhabitat via yanko design. my first thought is that my feet will get dirty after i just washed them...but will they? then, i wonder what it feels like on your feet. i bet it's really nice. last, i wonder what my dogs would think of it. are they really bad enough to try to eat, scratch, and/or pee on it? i'd like a trial version please.

This Moss Carpet by Nguyen La Chanh brings the outside indoors in an unconventionally natural way by placing it underfoot. The lush green lawn thrives in humid environments, which makes your bathroom a perfect place to grow.

Artist: David Cole's Knitting Machine

the knitting machine by david cole is a large scale art installation using two back hoes and 20 foot knitting needles to actually knit an american flag. how crazy cool is this?! his other work is pretty incredible too including a fiberglass woven bear that is 14 feet tall and a blanket made from knitted electrical cords. check out more of his work here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Accessory: Jewelry Tree

i really loved this jewelry tree at IKEA. i almost got it, but felt it was a little too large scale for the space i needed to put it. it's only $4.99 and comes in all of these sweet colors. i really liked the red one!

Madberries Giveaway!

Okay, so I have two exciting things in this post. First, yesterday I got to see the new Matte Stephens pillows from urban person! my boss got two of them to give to the herman miller reps for taking us to atlanta two weeks ago. all I have to say is they are so sweet, so soft and cuddly and so adorable. it looks like matte painted directly on the's so perfect. pictured above is one of the pillows in my aeron chair at work. Second, madberries (my new daily addiction!) is doing a giveaway for two of these pillows (pictured below). So go sign up to win or go to your nearest u.o. and see for yourself what i am drooling over.

Architecture: "Reflection of Mineral" house

check out this sweet little house in Tokyo, Japan! i love the little cut out for the car and all of the materials and planes inside. so fantastic. designed by Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita from Atelier Tekuto, this exceptional house design is called “Reflection of Mineral”. (via busyboo)