Friday, April 18, 2008

Shipping Container Children's Activity Center

I found this awesome article about reusing shipping containers for architecture on thecoolhunter. Below are a few snippets of the article.

"Phooey Architects completed work on Skinners Playground, a backyard for children living in public housing in South Melbourne, Australia – and a low cost, environmentally sound, and socially responsible solution.

Beginning with the desire to produce zero waste from conception to completion, Phooey architects staggered, sliced and arranged four unpainted shipping containers on the site of the playground. Any additional material including windows, decking, carpet tiles and joinery had to be durable, recycled, reclaimed, reused, plantation or salvaged from demolition. Even parts that were cut off or unassembled from the containers were used to make a staircase with a balustrade, overhangs providing external shading, and various decorative features."

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