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Interior: Environmentally Friendly

I'm in love with this environmentally friendly home of James Duft and Jessica Kellner | inkkc

(all images: ink)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

My Favorite Part: Brad & Meghan

Brad and Meghan Holland live in a cozy Brooklyn apartment.  Brad has been a cast member/rehearsal director for STOMP for 10 years this May and is also a musician.  Meghan is an actress and kindergarten teacher and has created a Thailand elephant art project which she is very passionate about.  They plan to have an art/music show to raise money for the elephants this spring and bi-annually from now on. I've really enjoyed getting a glimpse of their home and hope you enjoy as well.  Read below to see what their favorite part of their apartment is and why.

Meghan and I have several favorite spots in our new home but our couch is probably where we spend the most time. :0) It's the "Milo" from Macy's furniture in light grey. It's littered with pillows from KarmaLiving and back dropped by a country blue wall that is decorated with found mirrors and frames from various flea markets. From the couch we have a view of the tv, obviously, and the historical "battle hill" in the famous Greenwood Cemetery out the windows (use your imagination). I also like to sit here and make music available to hear at "" :0)

Artist: Gaelle Villedary