Friday, May 30, 2008

DIY: Sea Urchin Scrubbie

(Sea Urchin Scrubbie via Girl on the Rocks)

"You know the kind that contain onions, potatoes, or California Cutie tangerines. I found that some are just the right size and elasticity to hold a yarn cake, but most couldn’t fill that job.
Probably because of my
recent fascination with tawashi (crochet and knit dish scrubbers) I thought of how much the mesh reminded me of nylon mesh pot scrubbers. So I decided to incorporate the plastic into knit and crochet scrubbers to increase their scrubbiness!

In order to knit or crochet with the mesh, I first cut it into a long, continuous, 1 inch wide strip by spiraling down the bags.

Since the mesh strips were pretty snaggy, I loosely wound them into balls.

I decided to adapt two free patterns for my use, but you could use this technique with any washcloth pattern. The patterns I chose are a knit (pdf download) and crochet version of a spiral scrubbie. The general idea is that you make a rhombohedron by increasing at one side and decreasing at the other side of your work (both increases and decreases are done on every row).
Then you sew together the cast on and bind off edges to make a short tube. Then you cinch the openings closed and it buckles down into a circular spiral.
Doesn’t it look like a little urchin?!

Details for my Sea Urchin scrubbieYarn: Peaches and Cream solid or other worsted weight 100% cotton yarn; Mesh strips.Needles: US#11 or US#12 or even larger if you knit tightly.
I held the yarn doubled along with the mesh strip.

Using yarn only cast on 10 sts.Row 1: Sl 1, knit front and back, knit 5, k2tog, k1Row 2: Sl 1, k2tog, knit 5, knit front and back, k1
Repeat rows 1-2 16 times (8 garter ridges). Cast off using yarn only. Using yarn only sew together cast on and bind off edges to make a tube with diagonal garter ribs. Cinch the top and bottom of the tube closed, and hide yarn and mesh ends inside the scrubbie."

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Artist: Ben Butler

Ben Butler is an amazing artist and I love his sculptures. Zg Gallery has a great installation of Ben's work here. I love the layers and layers of thinly sliced wood that is used to create the movement and pattern of the overall sculpture. "Furrow" is my absolute favorite!

"Furrow" red and yellow cedar, 44" x 74" x 7"

maquette for Scatter (variation) 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 2"

"Fabrication 1" woodblock monoprint

untitled, cedar, 21.5" x 47" x 33" (front)

Etsy Lunch Hour: Fun Garden

Since I don't have a garden....yet, I often think about all of the fun stuff I would do if I had a little dirt of my own. These awesome etsy finds are a great inspiration! Birdhouses...and hedgehogs and flowers...oh my!

Red and Orange Creamcicle Bird Feeder.....Yum by redyellowandblueink

The Persimmon Fairy Earrings by wicopy

Hedgehog Spring Gocco Print by SepiaLepus

Blue Water Fountain 8x10 photo by marshallarts

ornj tote basic by davidshockdesigns

Graphic: Ninhol

Ninhol, based in Brazil, has some amazing illustrations and graphic designs. Check out their website for more!



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Etsy Lunch Hour: Paper Sculpture

I am amazed at the wonderfully detailed and intricate paper sculptures that are on etsy! These artists are outstanding and some of my favorites! I hope you love them as much as I do.

Project 001/ Part 006, The Light by Roadside

Bee Miniature Paper Sculpture by elsita

Owl paper sculpture by matteart

Vintage Map Love Birds by cottonbirddesigns

Architecture: Hula Dome

"last fall, mass studies architecture studio created a temporary installation for the 25th anniversary of storefront for art and architecture gallery in new york city. the installation was created from about a thousand hula-hoops zip-tied together to form a massive dome structure. now, storefront for art and architecture gallery has teamed up with abitare magazine to bring a new version of the ring dome to milan for the salone del mobile. this new dome will use 1,500 hula-hoops and 12,000 zip-ties and will be installed in the galleria vittorio emanuele shopping arcade in central milan. the installation will feature a series of events including a 100-minute dialogue between hans ulrich obrist, pierre paulin and rem koolhaas as well as a day's worth of domino-interviews with 50 participants, starting with naoto fukasawa, gaetano pesce and oliviero toscani." (via designboom)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finish: Heat Sensitive Wallpaper

I remember as a child wishing that my parents would get the wallpaper from Willie know, the one that tasted like schnozberries, so that I could forever lick the wallpaper for yummy fruity flavors. Never, did I imagine another form of interactive wallpaper such as Shi Yuan's heat sensitive wallpaper. See the images before the radiator is turned on and after. It truly is inventive, fun and beautiful.

Etsy Lunch Hour: Grandpa

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure it was filled with plenty of grilling out, playing outdoors and rememberance. My grandfather passed on Memorial Day 11 years this time of year is a rememberance to him. He was a veteran, lost partial hearing due to cliff diving, a heavy smoker for years and only had partial use of one lung yet jumped rope with me once, and loved to fish and play/create crazy puzzles. My fondest memories with my grandpa were spent fishing with him out in Tampa Bay on his little boat. We would turn the motor off in certain areas where there were manatee warnings and go out into the bay with the sailboats, yachts, and dolphins. I loved growing up in Florida...there was something magical about it...the sunsets, the beaches, the birds, and the barefoot summers. Here's an ode to my grandpa and our Florida summers together!

Solitary Sunset Fisherman - 5 x 7 Photo Print of Fishing Boat in Gulf by awaywithwords

Gone Fishin' - Blue Stone Fish Earrings by Jesskiri

Sand Dollar Necklace by EliNOpus

Lone Palm - 5 x 7 photograph by lindesigns

Blue Pelicans over Water (Original Gocco print) by plumpdesign

Interior: Fluff Bakery

I came across this interior while searching the web for fun restaurants...and fell in love. LTL Architects created this beautiful interior for Fluff Bakery in New York and have numerous outstanding projects under their belt.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lighting: Amoeba light

The Amoeba light is available at the simple light.
I love the simple lines and mid-century modern curves of this light.  I think I need it!

Furniture: Asterisk Stool

I really love this asterisk stool from Roscoe Jackson.  "The striking Asterisk Stools are ergonomically optimized to keep your spine straight and your weight evenly distributed. They're sturdy, lightweight and made from 85% recycled material. Available in two heights. Contact us for custom color and fabric options."

Friday, May 23, 2008

Designer of the Week: Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi is best known as world-reknown sculptor and amazing poet. To me, he is known more popularly as an amazing mid-century mastermind...creating my favorite pieces such as the Noguchi coffee table, dining table and the Ikari lamp. Below are a few of my favorites from his collection!

DIY: T-shirt folder

Do you hate to fold clothes? I do and laundry has become the bain of my existance, but I have tried to make it a little more enjoyable by making my own laundry detergent which I have blogged about previously. This easy DIY video on how to make a tshirt folder makes me very happy and I think that this might make laundry slightly more enjoyable.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artist: Rania Hassan

Rania is a DC artist that I found on etsy as shoofly. What I loved the most about her work was the mix of mediums...knitting and painting. "She knits, paints, and gocco prints every surface imaginable with swirly tales of cherry swallowing, worm eating, arm doodling fun." is how she is described on her etsy profile. She has been featured on poppytalk, designsponge, craftzine, and many others. Okay, I will shut up now and let the work speak for itself! Check out her blog for more updates too!

Etsy Lunch Hour: Gnomes

Here's a little gnome love for you on this beautiful spring day!

Gnome Print by esoule

Gnome Slice Birthday Cards - Set of Four (4) by youngandwithit

Knitted Gnome Pillow by StormHillStudio

Jovial Red Gnome framed photo by lucybirdphotos