Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Architecture: Florence Lofts

The Florence Lofts project in Sebastopol, California were designed by IBIS. The lofts themselves are attractive and comfortably modern, but what attracted me to them most was their LEED Gold certification. I'll let inhabitat's article below tell you more about the details that make it so "green".

Energy needs are met with solar power, but Florence Lofts’ sustainable program is also found throughout the details of each structure. Bamboo floors make beautiful use of rapidly renewable materials. Post consumer recycled content is found in countertops, made by PaperStone. Concrete floors with hydronic radiant heat provide excellent thermal comfort. FSC certified wood was used throughout and more than 80% of the structural steel used to frame the homes are recycled.
The impressive gray water recycling system is the first approved for large scale use in Sonoma County using recycled water from bathing, washing and laundry to providing 100% of the water needed for landscape irrigation. Given water shortages in Northern California, the estimated savings of up to 150,000 gallons of water per year go along way to conservation. In addition, rainfall and storm water brought on-site are cleanse naturally through a bioremediation system, reducing the pollutants and toxins that these two sources bring to streams and rivers and all paved surfaces throughout the project are permeable recharging the natural water table in the area.
Founding Partner and Architect of
IBIS, Steven Sheldon notes that “All materials were chosen from a collective consciousness perspective that balances financially sound and environmentally friendly decisions.” The Florence Live/Work Development is a prime example of a sustainable, livable community - a great place to live, work, and play within walking distance of the necessary amenities desired by any resident.
(via inhabitat)

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