Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to my 30's!

yes, today is my birthday. i turned the big 3-0 today. some people think of turning 30 as a negative thing...getting older...blah blah blah . i think my mom told me she cried for 2 days, but i'm actually excited about it. you know those lists that you make in your head of "what i want to do before i turn 30"? well, i've done a lot to be happy about...
1. i graduated from college. twice! (degree in music and then a degree in interior design)
2. i found the man of my dreams and married him (almost 8 years now!)
3. am the mommy of two adorable little boston terriers (pepper and maggie....hence peppermags)
4. bought a house! a badass little house too i might add!
5. discovered wonderful friends along the way
6. landed my dream job with the most wonderful bosses and co-workers.
7. started my own dream blog...it's been a wonderful first year on peppermags
8. got my dream car!

oh, and i almost forgot....look what my hubby got me for my birthday...happy birthday to me! jaguar bass! meow!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a rockin one!
    It's been wonderful reading your blog, and it's so sweet to learn where your blog's name came from!

  2. Yay Jacky! Keep on rockin' in the free world! ;)

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
    Considering all the accomplishments listed above - there's nothing to cry about! 30s are going to be fantastic!!!
    Awesome gift!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! I feel the same way about growing older (will be 29 in a week)...I'm glad to have the past behind me, and the future looks grand! Have an awesome day.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Love the origin of your blog name :-) Adorable!!!!! I am sure Jason hooked it up for you and dang waht an instrument WHOO HOOO!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Girlfriend! I am so sorry i missed your it. My little piglet seems to have caught the swine flu so i have been snuggled up on the couch with her.