Monday, July 21, 2008

Furniture: Eames LCM

One of my co-workers (the other designer in the office) and I are good friends. She recently moved into a new apartment and has no good place to put her Eames LCM that she won at a Herman Miller auction from the HM dealer in town. It's black and beautiful and I am so jealous that she got one of my dream chairs for free! Well, she came over to my desk the other day and asked if I would foster her LCM for her for a while since she didn't have a good home for it and couldn't bring herself to put it in storage. Of course I said yes and cannot wait for the new temporary addition to our home. This is going to look great with my sofa! I'm so excited! You can buy a new LCM here if you'd like one for yourself!

1 comment:

  1. Herman Miller furniture is really some of the best out there. I bought an Eames chair the other day, actually, at open box sale for REALLY REALLY cheap. It's a really nice chair too, so I'm kind of excited I got such a good deal.