Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Favorite Part: Chatham & Walt

Chatham and Walt are two of my favorite people and their new loft downtown is nothing short of fantastic!  Chatham is an artist that owns and runs a fantastic shop called Charm downtown Birmingham where she sells new, vintage, handmade, jewelry, handbags, scarves, art and gifts.  Click here to see the post I did on Charm after the grand opening. It's a do not miss destination downton.  Walt is also an artist and you might remember him from a previous post I've done here on his "deweaponizing the gun" series. They've finally gotten their library to a point of perfection and I asked Walt to send me a few words about it after seeing this awesome photo he posted on Facebook. Read below.

This is the end result of my wife and I taking turns arranging books by size and color.  This took weeks and finally got to the point of tears when we were left with books that were impossible to distinguish whether they were more red or pink or blue or green or tan or brown.

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