Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Favorite Part: Amy Pleasant

Amy Pleasant, one of my favorite artists, has such a beautiful home.  You might remember this post of her opening at The Contemporary in Atlanta.  See more of her work here and keep reading below to see the favorite part of her home and why.

Living room-

One of my favorite rooms. When I moved back from Chicago I really wanted a fireplace even though in Birmingham you can rarely use it. I have actually had fires and opened the windows just to be able to enjoy it without being too hot. It is also the room where everyone gathers and is furnished by hand-me-downs from family and family friends and each piece reminds me of them.

The Settee-

This piece of furniture was given to me by my great Uncle Pat Pleasant. He was an artist in NY and he was one of the most important and influential people in my life. He brought this settee back with him from France in pieces and gave it to me as a "project". He is no longer with us so I treasure it all the more.

The Lino Cuts-

I wanted pattered walls in my dining room so I made a series of lino cuts inspired by a bracelet I wore in high school. Each image was a charm on the chain.

Bathroom tile-

The original bathroom tile on the floor.

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