Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artist: The Contemporary with Amy Pleasant

while in atlanta last week i was so fortunate to get to go to an art opening for my friend amy pleasant. the show was at the contemporary (which by the way is a fabulous space!). these two large murals make up her show "the bed, after lautrec" and i fell in love. her work is always so amazing.

check out my friend monica's post over at of paper and things that she did earlier this week on amy!
you can see from this photo the scale of the work...pretty amazing. oh, and that's amy there in the white sweater!


  1. the detail in the open unusual for her. i freakin' love these!!! i will definitely jot over to atlanta to see this. very nice post!! and ty :)

  2. yes, the eyes were amazing...they really got me. i knew you would love them! she's so talented.