Thursday, March 26, 2009

Atlanta Knoll Showroom Tour!

i'm going here tomorrow!

oh, and on my way there, i'm stopping by here and back to here again. i am also staying at this fancy, fantastic hotel in buckhead. don't worry...i will take lots of pictures again. i'm so excited to hit my two favorite modern furniture lines within two months it isn't even funny!


  1. are they still at 191 peachtree? i used to work 2 floors above them when i lived there and we would go down there and check things out every once in awhile. i got 6 yards of some sweet upholstery fabric during a clearance sale they had there.

  2. no, they've moved to a new location. it's their grand opening for bham designers. they are now at 1170 howell mill road. sweet deal on upholstery fabric? i'm jealous!