Friday, February 13, 2009

Have a good weekend & week recap!

i hope you all have a happy valentine's day and/or good weekend. we don't do much for v-day...usually just cook a nice dinner and enjoy being together. i don't require roses and chocolates. although....pictured above is a bouquet i put together at the annual flower swap that office environments hosts with other reps in town. everyone brings a small bunch of flowers and they are all combined with everyone elses flowers. then, you walk around all of the containers full of flowers and piece together your own bouquet. everyone's is different and gorgeous. do you like mine?

In case you missed anything this week here is your weekly recap.

furniture: geiger tour and herman miller

lighting: hm showroom and hotel

interior: herman miller showroom

finish: ikea fabric

architecture: high museum

accessory: matte stephens pillows at u.o.

artist: amy pleasant opening at the contemporary

green content: ikea succulents

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