Thursday, February 26, 2009

Green Content: GreenBox

i really want to get this for work. i see more and more reps coming in and bringing us product that will help toward leed points but how awesome would it be to just have everything all together for you already. this would make my job a lot easier! (thanks monica for the link!)

Ecolect has just launched an annual materials subscription service called GreenBox. Released every 3 months, GreenBox contains a sampling of 8-12 cutting-edge green materials complete with clever info tags to keep you informed of all the latest innovations.

Material samples included in the kit have been chosen for their innovative and environmentally-friendly design and building solutions. Perfect for designers, architects, or those just looking to stay informed or plan for a future project, a subscription to GreenBox will provide you with your very own eco-materials library of over 50 different products by year end. (via renest)


  1. i think this would be a really wise investment! plus, look how attractive the samples look hanging on the wall!!! :)

  2. I'd love to look through those boxes. Lucky you!

    Love their website. I can see myself admiring it and the new clever materials for ages.