Friday, January 23, 2009

Have a good weekend & week recap

i hope you all have a great weekend visiting friends/family, cooking dinner, cleaning house or bathing the dog. yes, this is maggie after she discovered a mud puddle at the park a few years ago. she befriended a daschsund and they rolled, wrestled, jumped, and chased each other through that puddle. i couldn't be mad. look at that face.
in case you missed anything this week here is a recap:
Furniture: petal5 stool
Lighting: flight 815
Architecture: ring house
Recycled content: tube light


  1. i like the recap! even though i don't miss a second of your blog, it's a really nice feature :)

  2. awww....monica you are my definitely my number one reader and commentor....and i hope i am yours! hope to see you this weekend!

  3. umm yeah! :) have a great weekend ~ would be lovely to see you!

  4. always enjoy a recap, as i sometimes miss a day or two. love the pup pic! hope you have a great weekend too!