Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Interior: Folded Stair

I love this stair made from perforated steel via exclusively blog.  The transparency and structure are so fragile and delicate.  I love the openness and light that is available in this space because of the stair's material.  Beautiful!

The staircase for the aviary house was designed in one straight run along one side of its length in order to maximize room space since the property was long in depth. In order to bring light to the lower stair level, the upper flight had to be somewhat transparent to the natural daylight allowed in by a skylight up top.
An added design task was created: the stair had tp seemingly float in the space of its bounding walls. The solution was found in perforated steel sheets, cut to width and folded to the dimensions of treads and risers for the provision of structural integrity.
The folded stair was suspended between the stair walls by mild steel pins located at the junctions where each tread met the top of their associated rise

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