Thursday, December 06, 2012

Recycled Content | Wine Bottle Glasses


Scout Branding is a branding and advertising firm and we've been in business a little over six years. We have worked with clients all over the country and even had a client in Switzerland. About three years ago, I made it a goal for us to, in a sense, become our own client. We help our clients launch new products and services all the time, so I wanted to take the branding capabilities we have and develop products for ourselves.

Making glasses out of repurposed bottles is an idea that has been around since the 60s and 70s, but recently, I've noticed that these glasses are showing up in nice restaurants around the country. They are used for cocktails or as water glasses. I also noticed that there wasn't very much sophistication in the branding or packaging of this type of glassware. I wanted to learn the process of making the glasses and see where that might lead.

I broke a lot of bottles at first. I explored the idea of buying a huge kiln. My wife vetoed that idea. So I went the route of polishing the edges of the glass with diamond grit abrasives. It gave the finished product a different edge than I had see in all of the fire polished glassware I had seen.

During the whole research phase, I was posting photos to my Instagram feed and people immediately began asking where they could buy these. That's when I thought that this could be a good product for Scout to develop.

We launched the Friday after Thanksgiving and only promoted it on Facebook. The orders started rolling in and we purposely kept the audience small while we ramped up our production capabilities. We rented an industrial wet sander and got busy. We have also been using as much "found" cardboard to make the simple packaging we came up with.



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