Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Favorite Part: Nikolaus Mimikakis

Nikolaus Mimikakis moved into this beautiful home in Norwood, a historic Birmingham neighborhood with a strong revitalization movement happening now, a few years ago.  Not only is he part of the Historic Norwood movement, but he also runs Mimikakis Remodeling L.L.C. He's worked hard to maintain and restore this home's original beauty which I think he's done a fantastic job with.  See below for what he likes the most about this historic beauty.

I love the large open rooms with huge windows that let sunlight pour in through diamond shaped sashes to show off the glass curios, wood columns, built-in seating area, coffered ceiling and alabama white marble fireplace. The fireplace was unfortunately painted in the 30's but it was done tastefully by skilled artists. There is a gorgeous door with beveled leaded glass that leads to sunroom with windows that have large sills to place plants on. The house has a great flow and brings people together in the open rooms. Construction of the house incorporates materials found locally such as, white oak floors, heart pine trim, alabama white marble and a field stone foundation. This type of stone is prevalent in the south and is not often seen in other ares of the country.

So, in other words, what I love about my house most is the architecture, floor plan and the composition which were heavily influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement at the turn of the century.

(If you live in the Birmingham area, Nikolaus is looking for a roommate.  Comment or email me with any questions/inquiries)

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