Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Part: Emanual & Valerie

Emanual Ellinas, his wife Valerie, and their daughter Izzy just moved into a sweet little house in the historic Roebuck Springs neighborhood last year.  Valerie is a musician and a masseuse and Izzy loves Strawberry Shortcake and robots.  Emanual runs Magnetic Audio recording studio, is the mastermind behind Sitori Sonics pedals, plays music with his wife in Nag Hammadi, and plays in Jackie Lo.  See what they like the most about their new home.

The little buds show up, then they bloom. Before long the pedals drift to the ground like snowfall. It reminds me of my dead loved ones. Sometimes it is the end that is the most beautiful part.

That's why this is my favorite.

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