Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Accessory: Poppies for Grace

Sara Dickins and Alana Waterson started Poppies For Grace as two shy, sweet best friends over ten years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Their treetop hideaways and adventures together have led to a world of fairy-tale and legend, illustrations being born from memories of stories. “The world is a great dance, and we like to think our paper and drawings are little songs amongst all the beauty.” 

Poppies for Grace is the result of a lot of love, and designed to have the same effect as a perfect cup of tea would on a cold morning. With a great range of gift cards and tags, invitation pack, lolly bags, writing sets and book plates, Sara and Alana also lend their skills to custom graphic work, ranging from wedding invitations to corporate identities.

Thanks, Kate!

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