Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Favorite Part: Les & Roni Nuby

 Les and Roni Nuby have been married for a few years and moved into a beautiful 1920's Spanish home two years ago with their two little girls and three little dogs.  Les is the audio engineer at Ol Elegante studio and plays in the bands Vulture Whale, Terry Ohms, and Jackie Lo.  Roni, who has a beautiful eye for style which is apparent in their casa bonita, might keep the tidiest house I've ever seen too!  I need to take notes.  The Nubys could not decide on just one photo as the favorite part of their home so they sent me four!  Read below to see the favorite parts of their home.

This is my favorite view out of a window in my house. From my kitchen up 80th street. The arch of the patio wall with the top of my garage.

I usually don't like things like this. I tend to hate the idea of a sconce holding a candle that doesn't ever burn. But I actually love this. Maybe it's the coffee beans?

From India. A wine holder-cabinet. Vintage radio fits perfectly.

I fell for owls.

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