Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Favorite Part: Eileen Kiernan

I love this breakfast nook at Eileen Kiernan's home.  She works at a bank and rides Vespas.  I was so excited to see her favorite part of her home and why.  Read below for yourself.

My favorite part of my house is the bar in my breakfast nook. I had it in my dining room and recently moved it to my breakfast nook and think it looks much better in there. I bought the cabinet at Green Central Station and some vintage bar items like the set of old airplane/bar swizzle sticks, Boston cocktail shaker, and the penguin ice bucket really cheaply off Ebay. The Omletet Shoppe eggman is probably my most favorite item in the room, I got that from Matte (Stephens) when he move to Portland. I recently painted the room and I couldn't be happier with the color, It's called Celtic Gray by Behr. The light fixture is an old gas station light I bought on Ebay and I love it a lot. I'm extremely happy with the way this room turned out and completely bummed that I'm going to be selling the house soon. I might have to duplicate everthing I did in my next house.

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