Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Part: Susan Shoemaker & Andy Sizemore

Susan, an artist, and her husband Andy, who plays in the band Teen Getaway, sent me this beautiful photo of the favorite part of their home.  Susan's art was also featured last week in a previous "my favorite part" post.  I really do love everything about this photo from the adorable dog to the colors to the accessories.  See what they have to say about it below.

Married for 5 yrs, we bought our first home, a fixer-upper, 2 yrs ago. This room is our fav for a few reasons. First we (& some friends) pulled up the nasty carpet and refinished our floors. I found the blue wall paint in a "living etc" mag and had home depot match it in an inexpensive brand. Andy is happy that his old recliner actually works against the blue ( it did not in our previous apt that i painted bright green). Our dog Henry spends a lot of time in this chair, gets his pic taken a lot, so now it has grown into Andy liking how the dog looks in the chair and how all of the colors work together. Besides loving the dog, I love the little nook behind him. I splurged on the moose, but thrifted the bookshelf in college which holds my art books, fav photos, fav knick-knacks, some gifts from Andy, a fox by Lori Nichols, and 2 lamps I got on clearance years ago at urban outfitters.  I'm having a slight obsession with goats so there's a little metal goat from Frontera that helps hold up some additional books at the bottom of the shelf  We have non standard size windows but were able to find inexpensive panels from ikea and made curtain rods from pipes (an idea I stole from Jennifer Wallace who also helped us layout furniture and art- girl has the gift!).   Our home is a work in progress and a mix match of things we love.

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