Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Favorite Part: Megan Kimber

One of my favorite artists, Megan Kimber was kind enough to share an image of her favorite part of her home.  Not only is her work stunning but so is this image. 

My windowsill is probably the place in my house that feels the most like "me" and makes me the most content when i look at it. I collect little things from nature everywhere I go, whether its just on an outing within the local area, or if i travel out of state. In the photo I included, you can see some examples of my foraging: guinea fowl feathers, tiny shells  bones from a large carp fish in upstate NY, a dried egg sack from a conch shell and other shells from the gulf coast of Florida, and random stones collected from all over the east and west coast. These are the things I hold sacred to me because I have such a tremendous obsession and love for nature and how these things are created seemingly out of thin air and miracles, not by the hands of man.

(see the interview we did with Megan here)

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