Monday, January 09, 2012

My Favorite Part: Dottie Alexander

We're starting a new weekly post here titled "My Favorite Part" where we get a look into a reader's home as they share their favorite part of their home with us.  It could be a room, light, bric-a-brac, wall color...anything.  I sent out a few emails to my artist and musician friends to get it started and my first responder was Dottie Alexander.  You may know her from playing keys with the group of Montreal and she tours with James Husband.  Dottie sent me this picture of her mantle with the description, "Hey, Ms J! Feel free to use this photo: (it pretty much speaks for itself)"  She also added "And yes, that is, in fact, a Dottie puppet? :)"  I love it. 

If you have an image of your favorite part or your home that you'd like to share email me at jacklyn(at)jamric(dot)com with submissions.

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