Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Interior: Client House

(living room)

I got a phone call from my boss on Friday asking if I could meet a client at their new house on Saturday.  And then I heard the magic words "they want it to be modern".  I was giddy.  Then, I got to the house and was blown away.  The house definitely is traditional and transitional at parts, but to pair it with modern is going to be awesome.  Here are some before shots.

(dining room)


(living room view)

How would you like this view?  The owner told me it's a sunset view too.  Sigh.



  1. you are gonna have so much fun with this house!

  2. This looks like a dream project. I hope you'll be able to post progress updates!

  3. Oh, I so hope you showcase your work in progress. This space is amazing. That foyer, wow! Juxtaposing modern furnishings within this shell will be an incredible pairing.

    So glad to have come upon your blog.