Friday, October 08, 2010

DIY: Art Hall

My husband and I like to collect art.  He's also a photographer, so we find ourselves with many pieces to hang on the walls.  I have a stack of 4 pieces that I'm waiting to frame (christmas gift to myself maybe?).  We have a rather small hallway, but I think it would look fantastic with ceiling to floor artwork like the image above.  We kid that by the time we are old that the whole house will look like this.  I like how uniform and perfect these framed pieces are, but I could easily see it with different frames and different shaped pieces lining the walls just as easily.  Below is a picture of our hall.  Please disregard the complete mess in the back two bedrooms.  This was taken two weeks after we moved in, before we unpacked most of the boxes and before we refinished the hardwoods under that nasty beige carpet.

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