Thursday, May 13, 2010

Green Content: Robin Wade Furniture

(stitched dining table & dining table with butterfly joints)

i always enjoy meeting local designers and artists and adore the work by robin wade furniturerobin wade furniture is located in florence, alabama and creates one of a kind handmade furniture. they pride themselves on being a slow studio for sustainable furniture and use no veneer to mask inferior products, no stain to hide wood's natural grain or color, no clear cutting of forests foreign or domestic, no importing to pollute the earth's waters, no long distance trucking to pollute the air

(walnut console)

on their website they describe the process as the following:
Years before a piece is ready to enter a client's home or a gallery, the process begins—naturally—with the tree. Sustainably harvested, each specimen of hardwood is flitch sawn into natural-edge wood slabs, debarked by hand with a draw knife, and stacked to dry, usually for years, before the final cure in the kiln. From here, Wade and his team use both hand and power tools to bring Wade's vision to life, and then finish each piece with a hand-rubbed oil blend. Each organic furniture creation by Robin Wade Furniture balances the raw, natural beauty of environmentally, locally sourced hardwoods with minimally invasive, clean lines—a juxtaposition Wade calls both rustic and modern. “I haven’t yet found a better artist than nature,” he says.

(walnut low table with butterfly joints)

sustainability is important to their work.  for every tree that is used, they plant two more. At Robin Wade Furniture, the entire production process mirrors an extensive effort to promote ecological balance and organic sustainability. The wood we use is harvested from our lush, southern hardwood forests, primarily within a 60-mile radius from the Florence, Alabama, studio. Select urban logs or felled trees are saved from the landfill by our efforts to work hand-in-hand with local city and county governments. We also use downed trees from severe storms, and timber with particular historical significance are honored as well.

(modern stone and wood outdoor benches)

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  1. What gorgeous pieces! I especially love the console tables. Visit to see more.