Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dual Flush Toilet Installed.


thanks to mygreenbirmingham, plumb-tech, GLS supply and Toto, the dual flush toilet is finally installed!  it took the plumber about 3 hours, a little bit of head scratching and some realigning, but he did a great job and it's in!  the previous homeowners installed the last toilet completly crooked.  (see below how the caulk outline does not align on the tile).  now the toilet is straight!  there is a large button on the top of the tank that is split in half.  the left side of the button flushes .9 gallons per flush and the right side of the button flushes 1.6 gpf.  i loved getting to see what the bathroom looked like during too.

just look how crooked that last install was.  geez.

tada! the new Toto Aquia dual flush toilet. look at that cute button!  the shelf didn't fit over the tank so it had to be taken down.  which is fine.  it was a little "country craft" for my taste.  i want to get rid of the towel bar and install two shelves over the toilet.  the lower shelf for misc. bath stuff and the upper shelf for my plants.  my succulents love the bathroom!

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  1. Would it be inappropriate to ask if I could use your toilet? It's so cool!