Thursday, February 18, 2010

Artist: Justin Van Gendersen

i love star wars.  i've had it on my brain lately since a friend of mine's son came to my band practice with a star wars blanket cape and light saber in hand.  i did my chewbacca impression for him.  he laughed and the rest of the evening i was called "chewbacca".  "chewbacca, follow me."  "chewbacca, come here."  it was awesome.  so, when i remembered i had these star wars posters tagged to blog i got even more excited.  last week i posted the minimalist movie posters.  this week are the vintage travel poster inspired star wars posters by justin van gendersen. check out his website here and his flickr page here. love love them all!  (via liveforfilms/collider)

1 comment:

  1. all star wars, all the time in my house! i think i need these for p's room!