Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!

(photo via pablo alfieri)

i hope everyone had a happy holiday and new year.  i thoroughly enjoyed my week and a half off.  the house is completely cleaned, laundry done, wii fit routine set, plenty of snuggle time in with the husband and pups and a pretty kick ass rock show under my belt.  i'm looking forward to a hectic start to the new year with killer deadlines, ncidq in april, and getting ready for a show by late february with my new band on top of everyday life.  we'll see how it works out.  wish me luck!  any resolutions you guys would like to share?   a few of mine go as follows:

1.  Pass the NCIDQ in April

2.  Learn how to shred (not just get by) on my new guitar

3.  Keep the house clean.  (why is this one so hard?!)

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