Monday, October 19, 2009

Furniture: Ny Rocking chair

i really love the lines and idea of the ny rocking chair.  there are not enough good looking modern rocking chairs out there.  (yes, yes, i'm excluding the eames shell rocker...the most awesome modern rocking chair), but the ny folds, weighs next to nothing and just looks cool and comfy.

Takeshi Nii designed the Ny Rocking Chair and Ottoman in 1958, after he was inspired by an ad for a director’s chair in an archival magazine from the 1930s. Using the same basic structure – a simple folding frame wrapped with durable canvas – he designed Ny to be a lounge chair. Ny, which is pronounced nee and is the Danish word for “new,” remains an innovative concept in folding chairs 50 years after its introduction. At only 14.5 lbs, the Ny folds into a compact 5.5" form that can stand on its own discreetly in the corner, or be easily picked up and moved wherever an extra lounge chair needed. Said Nii of the design, “I wanted to produce a chair where one can just sit and relax after eating a nice meal.” The Ny Rocking Chair is included in the permanent collection at MoMA.


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