Friday, August 21, 2009

DIY: Slate Floor and Kitchen Inspiration

so, my husband and i came home the other day and heard a weird sound coming from the kitchen. the hot water pipe that goes to my washing maching decided to crack right before the shut off valve and we had water pouring onto and into my wood floors in the kitchen all day while i was at work. i love my kitchen and you can see the floors befor the incident pictured above. i'm thinking a dark slate to replace the wood (we have multi color slate in the sunroom and bathroom that i love) maybe a chinese black slate? what do you guys think? click here for a step by step instruction on how to install a slate floor in case you are wondering how hard it is to do. below are some ideas and inspirations that i've found. i'd love concrete counters, dark cabinets and new lighting throughout.

something like this or darker with a light gray grout?

love this dark polished floor...well and everything else about this kitchen too.
love the dark cabinets, light tops and those pendants are totally cute.

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  1. so sorry :(
    on the bright kitchen floors?!
    i love the dark slate. love it.