Monday, June 15, 2009

Furniture: Parsons Bed

i really love this parsons bed from room and board.  i've been eyeing beds lately.  my 6'-3" husband doesn't fit terribly well on a full sized bed.  this one is in the running.  any of you out there have this bed or know someone who does?


  1. I've had this bed for about 8 years now and it's awesome. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

    It's super easy to assemble without needing any tools.

    If you need to take it apart, for a move or something, it usually requires a bit of "coaxing" to get the sides to come out of their connections to the head and foot: they fit together so snuggly that after awhile it's very difficult to pull them apart by hand (which in my book is a good thing). I've used a rubber mallet, so as not to damage the steel, with great success the few times I've had to get the pieces apart.

    Once together this bed is SUPER sturdy - no movement or play at all at the connections.

    The finish is really beautiful. Its natural steel and you can see a bit of the welds at the joints, which gives it some character.

    Since it doesn't need a box spring below the mattress, you've got a bit more room under the bed if you want to store anything down there. Plus you don't need to buy a box spring ;)

    I would HIGHLY recommend this bed.

  2. thank you so much will! your recommendation is so helpful. i really love the simple lines and to know it's sturdy is a giant plus.