Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interior: Catawba

interfaceFLOR invited my office to go to Georgia and tour their carpet mills. not only did we find out how carpet tiles were made, but we got to stay in this fabulous 1948 mid century modern house that interface uses for their guests. it's called "catawba" and it used to belong to the Callaway family...of Callaway Gardens. it's just up the street from the gardens and overlooks the city. so perfect, so mid century modern, and so fabulous that i actually jumped up and down for joy when i got inside.

this was my fabulous room...check out their fun carpet in there and this is the most perfect view from my room...pool and cities and mountains beyond...oh my.

this was a little sitting area (den) just outside the kitchen and to the right is the dining room...again with their fun carpet. ugh, the furniture was as fabulous as the food. we had a personal chef that was to die for.

here's the living room. yes, there's my dream chair...the red womb and ottoman. i sat in it and dreamed of a life with one. i loved those knoll credenzas on the back wall too.

an overall shot of the living room with cool stone walls and exposed wood ceiling. the game room downstairs was a blast. there was a fireplace, pool table, board games, bar and a bathroom. we really didn't have to leave this room at all if we didn't want to. i had a blast and would love to go back to this beautiful home. heck, i really really want to live here. i have a video of the mill tour that i will post later today as well. stay tuned!

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  1. wow, the furnishings! and that is a stone wall done right!! amazing view, too - so happy you had this opportunity :)