Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Original Wood Floors!

so, my husband had a wild hair last night and decided to start removing the carpet in the bedroom to see what was underneath. he started in a closet where it wouldn't matter and there they were...the original hardwoods. i knew that they were supposed to be there, but had not seen the color or what condition they were in yet. they are pretty paint splattered and will take a bit of work. there are a few damaged planks so far. but, for 81 year old hardwoods (yes, my house was built in 1928!), i think they look pretty fabulous. i'll keep you updated on the status. i have a feeling when i get home there won't be carpet at all in the bedroom.


  1. Yay! Hardwood floors. Yeah, from the looks of this photo, the floor looks like in pretty good condition. Good job!

  2. Oh lucky you! Go for it, and a few imperfections just adds character i think! I wish i had anything resembling this under my carpets...