Friday, April 17, 2009

Have a good weekend & week recap!

i married a man that was born and raised in alabama. in this state you are either an alabama or an auburn fan. period. although i was raised in chicago and tampa and have my sports teams that i cheer for, (da bears! cubbies! and bucs!...yes, i like sports) i married an alabama fan. i didn't think i would like college ball as much as pro, but i have to say i've become hooked over the last 7 years. tomorrow we are driving over to tuscaloosa (45 minutes from here) to watch their annual a-day game. it will be on espn! that's a first. i'm excited to see the new line up. i guess it's about the equivalent of liking a baseball team and going to their spring training. i'll try to post some pics next week. fun fun fun! it should be a full day of yelling, drinking, and general debauchery. i'm very much looking forward to it.
if you missed any of the line up this week click on the links below to catch up.
lighting: light pots
finish: braille wall
architecture: tsun-miya house
artist: pamelatang
recycled content: rice sacks
Have a great weekend!

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