Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hardwoods Round 2

last night we decided to rip up a little more bedroom carpet...everything except what is under the bed and the dressers. look what we found! it looks like an entire can of white paint dumped out on the floor. (those are my husband's size 13 feet in the pic if that gives you a better scale) at least the floors are in decent shape. only two strips need to be repaired/replaced so far. anyone have any tips to get this paint off besides just sanding it down?


  1. UGH! That is disappointing...when someone is that careless, especially with hardwood floors. I guess there was a time when hardwood floors were not the thing, but rug was!! yeah, those floors will need a good sanding. Good luck with it all, I'm sure it will be beautiful in the end.

  2. thanks! i am very hopeful. now, time to remove staples and get down to the dirty work, but it will be so worth it in the end. i still can't believe someone was this careless. at least try to wipe up the mess...a little bit?