Friday, April 10, 2009

DIY: Reusable Sandwich Wrap

i was talking to my friend monica of of paper and things about diy projects yesterday. i've been trying to be green around the house...using green toilet paper, no more paper towels, replacing paper napkins with cloth napkins and my last qualm is a way to to get rid of ziploc bags in a less bulky way than tupperware which she has a problem with as well. i assume others have this same dilema. if so, check out this fun diy reusable sandwich wrap via of paper and things...
sarah of
the small object created this cute and ingenious solution for packing sandwiches (it doubles as a placemat!). you'll need a simple template, a bit of both vinyl coated fabric and cotton fabric, and a velcro closure. a little stitching, and voila! the full instructions are here.


  1. i do love this project. make me one? :)

  2. i'm gonna have to steal some vinyl from work now. so tempted to make this! if i do, you get the first one!