Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interior: Williamsburg, Brooklyn Home

this post really makes me miss my loft. i lived downtown for 4 years in a gigantic 1700 sq ft loft of white walls, concrete floor, no doors, and exposed brick. i love how this interior is stark yet fun. read below from the original post via design*sponge

swedish designer cathy gedda westrell and her fiance erik. their williamsburg, brooklyn home in is a small, restored bakery and the bakery was actually active up until the construction started. both being from sweden (a country that’s dark 7 months of the year) they knew they needed something white and airy. the result is fantastic, and i love some of the creative solutions they’ve come up with for their home (especially the knobs on the dresser and photo wall of friends). click here for more, full-sized images, and here for more of cathy’s work. (via d*s)


  1. Loving the loft!

    You have a very nicely designed blog BTW!