Thursday, March 19, 2009

Green Content: Dutchtub

my husband was just talking about this tub the other day and i realized that i had it bookmarked to blog. i think the dutchtub might be the cutest mobile tub ever! plus, it's completely off the grid. i know some of you are thinking "but you have to burn wood to make it work". well, yes, that is a little less green, but it uses no power, no plugs, and no gas. you can plop it on top of your car and take it into the woods or throw it in the backyard and use leftover firewood or recycle old furniture to burn in this bad boy. i'm smitten. (via greenmuze)


  1. just thinking about sitting in this, in that setting, has made my day.

  2. this makes me so happy too! glad it made your day!

  3. That is completely rad! And, orange? Too much!